After a long hiatus the London DevOps meetup is back at Forward Internet group in Camden in November.
Doors open at 6:30pm where beer and pizza will be available, talks will start around 7pm.


We are still looking for speakers so email [email protected] if you have a DevOps story to tell us!


Floor 2, Centro 3
19 Mandela Street
NW1 0DU London
United Kingdom

Past Meetings:

2011/07/26 – Jon Cowie from Aframe talking about building and operating Aframe’s video platform and John Leach from Brightbox on Ceph.
2011/05/10 – Alexis Richardson & David Syer of VMWare Introducing Cloud Foundry and Andrew Godwin of on The Perils Of Writing A PaaS – thanks to The Guardian for the venue
2011/03/03 – James Hogarth on Spacewalk: Package and Configuration Management, Spike Morelli on Metrics driven development – thanks to YouDevise for the venue
2010/11/04 – Lisa van Gelder presenting on Google App Engine – thanks to Thoughtworks for the venue
2010/06/30 – Thom May presenting on Chef – thanks to Picklive for the venue
2010/05/24 – Puppet meet at De Hems Pub
2010/04/28 – Git by Stephen Nelson-Smith [video] and Zabbix Monitoring by Jon Topper [video] – thanks to The Guardian for the venue
2010/03/02 – Agile Systems Administration at London Geek Nights – thanks to Thoughtworks
2010/02/24 – The Priory Pub
2010/01/20 – Greek at The Real Greek
2009/12/16 – Pancakes at My Old Dutch
2009/11/06 – Lunch at Bodeans
2009/10/30 – Devopsdays, this started it all!